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Founded in Boise Idaho, Wrap World Ink offers you the opportunity to PERSONALIZE. Whether it’s for personal or business, wraps not only update your look, but also protects your investment. Many of our clients have their vehicle wrapped as soon as they drive it off the lot, in order to preserve the factory finish and maximize resale value. Commercial wraps offer your business the cheapest advertising with outstanding market penetration.


We have the ability to customize wraps to fit pretty much anything! Digital printing allows for in depth high resolution graphics. Graphics are printed on high quality media which protects your existing paint for pennies on the dollar; compared to traditional custom paint jobs. Another upside to vehicle wraps is that if scuffed or torn while protecting your paint, Wrap World Ink can reprint pieces on the fly for replacement.

About Us

Wrap World Ink is a full service custom graphics design vinyl wrap and sign company in Boise, ID. We offer high quality graphics, signage, designs and promotional items at competitive prices to all customers, big or small, by offering printing solutions for indoor and outdoor applications such as billboards, display graphics, retail signage, building banners, vehicle wraps, wall murals and much more. Our in house designer will work with you directly to create the project of your dreams! The entire staff is dedicated to providing superior quality and services to our customers to make your job easier. Whether you need a completely new look for your business, or something as simple as a business cards, we will assist you every step of the way. Quantity is never an issue, whether it is one sign or thousands, we can fulfill your needs!

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